Sep 14, 2017

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Why Rose Gardening?

Why Rose Gardening?

Flowers are a great addition to any garden, and/or room’s decor. The add color, fragrance, and elegance in what might be otherwise, dingy spaces. Nothing can offer quite as much as a great floral arrangement, especially if those flowers are roses.

Roses have always been a symbol of peace, love, friendship, and even death to all who see them. For centuries, roses have come to characterize great taste and eternity during events such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. They are always the flower of choice when someone is hoping to create a bond with another.

I look forward to sharing tons of rose gardening tips with you, including:

· Plant your own roses
· Caring for your roses
· Pruning your roses properly
· Tips on arranging your rose bouquet
· Tips on drying roses
· How to use roses as gifts
· How to fertilize your roses
· How to water your roses properly
· How to prevent diseases in your roses
· How to treat diseases that your roses get infected with
· How to revive dead roses
· How to choose the best roses for your garden

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