A floral installation in front of the Loiret Departmental Council to help the horticultural sector

A few weeks ago, the County Council decided to buy 500,000 euros worth of plants to help the horticultural sector. This week, some of these flowers are being installed in the square in front of the County Council hotel. A floral project, to help horticulturists get out of the crisis.

At the beginning of March, in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, when the horticultural sector was hit hard by the health crisis because it could no longer sell its stocks, the Loiret Departmental Council decided to buy plants and shrubs for 500,000 euros. This week, from Tuesday 2 to Thursday 4 June, some of these plants will be set up on the forecourt of the Departmental Council hotel. A floral project to get out of a sector in crisis.

Helping people find work…

On the forecourt of the Hotel du Conseil Départemental, Pauline Deroin, squatting in the middle of the flowers, is planting lavender plants. “I’m passionate about horticulture, I’ve been working with an association for two years and this is the first time I’ve taken part in a floral installation. It’s like a dream for me.”

…in a context of crisis

Timothée Huck, director of the Voie Romaine Gardens, one of the two organizing associations, explains the approach. “It was important to involve employees in this project because we know that the crisis due to the coronavirus will affect the most economically fragile people. This project aims to revalorize, to put people who are generally marginalized back at the center.”

Helping the weakened horticultural sector more generally

Sandrine Gérard, director of the territorial service at the Departmental Council explains: “The horticultural sector, which has been particularly affected by the crisis, is a sector of excellence in our department, recognized nationally.It was therefore important for us to take action. This project helps horticulturists by buying plants and shrubs, beautiful flower pots that they sell second-hand, but also helps people to integrate into professional life. This project makes it possible to act at different levels”.

In total, the Departmental Council has purchased plants and shrubs from 44 horticulturists and nurseries in the department and plans to flower several of their sites in the Loiret in the coming months.


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